They are a group of Dwarven bandits encountered later in RPGame: Zombies 3. It consists of Yuloick, Orizaic, Kirbait, and some unnamed dwarf.. They are hostile towards the group.

Story Edit

During the time the group stays in a lodge not far out from Darkhill Hold, they are attacked by Kirbait, who hits Houdart in the leg, exploiting his gunshot wound in his left leg, and steals medicine from them. Shortly after, Zepudor returns from hunting dragging an unconscious Kirbait behind him. Zepudor returns the medicine and questions Kirbait. Kirbait doesn't answer, so Zepudor asks you to leave the room. You leave and hear muffled screaming and a gunshot. Zepudor leaves the room and says that you're going to have a heck of a time cleaning up in there. Later, as the group leaves the lodge, they reach an iced over field, which Thy'ai says is probably due to magic. You walk behind some rocks when an arrow nearly misses your head. everyone ducks behind rocks. You and Bill were ahead of the group. The two groups begin trading fire. You aim at the unnamed dwarf, who gets up and runs away when you miss. You see the perfect opportunity to kill Yuloick, and can either use it, tell Bill to, or ignore it. If you use it, Yuloick notices and shoots at you, forcing you down. He moves over to get the angle on you, but Cade shoots him. If you choose to tell Bill, he goes for it, but Yuloick shoots him, killing him instantly. Yuloick then moves behind cover, but Cade shoots him. If you choose to ignore it, Bill notices and goes for it, but gets shot and Cade shoots Yuloick. Afterwards Aglin runs for cover, but slips. Orizaic aims his bow at him, and you have to try and shoot Orizaic. if you fail, Aglin is shot and killed. This death is non-canon though, and results in a game over.

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