Kelvhan is a Elven researcher and alchemist featured in RPGame Roman. He helps the party get to the Rome Portal.

Story Edit

The party travels to Isenlona , an Elven city. (Only available in RPG:R) Beside the general store there is a run-down building with boarded windows. Inside, they meet Kelvhan, who is a great Elven researcher gone mad by his studies on after earth. He gives the second quest, which is to escort him to a new part of the void. Once there, they find a tome revealing that the was in fact an earth before after earth. He yells in happiness that his research was correct, attracting attention. A voidstalker crushes the wall beside him crushing his leg, and the party jumps in the portal.

Death Edit

Killed by:

  • Voidstalker
  • Himself (Indirectly)

After finishing the story line in Rome, the party comes back through the portal to find the researcher's dead body, with a huge gash in his shoulder.

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