Starwind Keep is a kingdom owned by Cade. It is a location in RPGame, and the first location you are at in RPGame Zombies 3.

RPGame Edit

Starwind keep is visitable and contains many shops.

RPGame: Zombies 3 Edit

At the beginning, you start in the top floor of Starwind Tower. You go through a brief conversation with Zepudor, who is thankful the last apocalypse is over and states it probably won't happen again, but Cade interrupts and corrects him. He mentions that Udalos wasn't the only person who was able to make ZomDust-57, and another apocalypse is completely possible. He gets a call from Darkhill Hold, and returns to say that goblin outlaw, Varbuk Hawkkeeper, has just launched a nuke to the center of the universe, which will hit all planets, spreading ZomDust everywhere. Cade states he thought no one was rich enough, and stupid enough, to make that much ZomDust. Alyss Bloodshiv interrupts and tells Cade there is an important announcement to be made. Cade walks over to the amplifying orb and tells the residents of Starwind Keep that his mages are making a shield that should block the radiation, and it will be deployed when the nuke explodes, about the day after tomorrow. At about halfway, Zepudor states he is going to the shops while the prices are low, Houdart is going to make an orb call, and Aglin is going to check on how the other mages are going. You can choose to follow any of them or stay here and listen to the speech. If you follow Zepudor, you get to buy items while there is a "End of the World Sale" according to Zepudor. If you follow Houdart you get to call either Darkhill Hold, your parents, Cynthia, or (In RPG:R) Pliny the Younger. If you follow Aglin you are introduced to the mages. If you stay, Cade mentions because the nuke is exploding at the center of the universe, there may be some time warps, make some unlucky people older or younger. 2 days later, Cade makes another announcement at about 6am telling everyone to quickly get supplies then stay in their basements. You look out the window, and see a grey spot in the far distance, and alert Cade. He says to follow him to see the mages. You go down, and Aglin is already there. He gives a signal and the mages make a magical field. While it is forming, you look over and see Darkhill Hold close by. You see a red dot there, and another shield forming. you look away from the wind just as the red dot turns into a yellow flash, and blood spurts out of the mage at the far left's head and he collapses. The shield starts to falter as the shield at Darkhill Hold finishes. Aglin rushes to replace the dead mage, but not in time. the shield dissipates, and radiation and fire rushes towards Starwind Keep. Everyone hides, and The front walls break, and some guards and civilians caught in the street collapse. They almost immediately rise, and start breaking into the few houses still intact. You, Zepudor, Cade, and Alyss rush down the stairs and and attack the infected alongside the militia. Houdart and Aglin are upstairs helping the mages. The situation quickly gets worse, and Aglin and Houdart return. Ulrich, Warin, and the mana banker join you, and you and you all flee. You look back and see Alyss fighting a zombie in the distance, but she gets bit in the arm and flees.You go up a hill and look back once again and say it looks like hell on earth back there. Zepudor laughs and says it's not that bad down there.

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