Yuloick is a Dwarven bandit in RPGame: Zombies 3.

Story Edit

When the group is ambushed, he yells at the group in Dwarven after taking cover behind a bush. Zepudor yells back to speak in English, and he says "You kill Kirbait!". He is seen shooting at the other members of the group while talking to Orizaic. After either killing Bill or shooting at you, he is shot in the throat by Cade. Orizaic yells his name as he dies.

Death Edit

He is shot by Cade after either killing Bill or shooting at you. He is partially responsible for his own death because he moved to a spot where he was very vulnerable to being shot by Cade. Edit

Caused by:

- Cade

- Himself (Indirectly caused)

Victims Edit

Yuloick has killed:

- Bill (Determinant)

- Possibly numerous amounts of zombies and/or people.

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